Dedicated IP Web Hosting

Dedicated Hosting for the Business Realm Around the world the business organizations are putting high preference to the dedicated IP web hosting for a number of reasons. Obviously the first reason would be the high proficiency of the server to call the traffic flow. But for having a proper realization of the other reasons it… Read More

Web Hosting Packages Explained

Web hosting packages can be confusing – especially if this is your first time looking for a web hosting plan. To help you out with all the lingo, here’s a breakdown of the plans you’re most likely to find. Managed Hosting: when you sign up for managed hosting, the hosting company you’re working with will… Read More

Are Canadian Hosting Companies Better?

I’ve been reading a lot of articles about the advantages of having a dedicated server in Canada lately. The claim is that Canadian dedicated servers are more secure and safer than a dedicated option elsewhere. How true is this claim? And, why is a Canadian dedicated server better? Let’s take a look. The Argument 1.… Read More

Web Hosting: It’s a Consumer’s Market

Website owners now have more power over hosting companies than ever before. Why? Because the marketplace is becoming quickly saturated, and that means that consumers now have the power. It also means that dedicated hosting companies have to come up with new services to offer consumers seeking a reliable web host. It’s not enough, anymore,… Read More

Rackspace New Dedicated Servers Like Cloud VMs

Do Rackspace’s new dedicated servers behave just like cloud VMs? Rackspace Hosting, Inc. (NYSE:RAX) Company type: IT – managed cloud hosting Parent Company: Delaware Established in: 07-03-2000 No. of Employees: 6115 Company Portfolio: Integrated IT solutions which inlcudes private clouds, hybrid clouds and multi tenant public clouds, website hosting and collaboration, information services, web content… Read More

SEO Hosting

Why is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) important for a website? When anyone develops a website, he puts in a lot of effort into it to bring out perfectly desired results and wants the website to perform well and deliver output as expected. All this effort will be wasted if nobody visits the website. You need… Read More

Magento Hosting

What is Magento? Magento is a script that has been developed for ecommerce sites. It is a very powerful open source platform that has been excellently designed to facilitate developers to create e-commerce website that look absolutely professional, are very easy to browse and use and work intuitively. This e-commerce solution designed and developed by… Read More