Administrator’s role in Linux optimization

Linux Server optimized for Web application development For PHP developers, Linux is most favorite Operating System and most have configured LAMP in their Windows or Mac workstations. They have virtual private web development server in the existing operating system like any other program with collection of common industry software. This server is cheaper, faster and… Read More

Data Security on Shared or Dedicated Hosting

Where the website or data is more secure on shared hosting or dedicated hosting The web hosting company you opt for can be your best ally or your worst foe. The good degree of service along with the technical support and responsiveness that one is offered can make your website reach zenith but you definitely… Read More

Hack The Hackers

Why hack? Hacking has become a spine-chilling menace in the IT world and before we move on to steps to prevent the same we must know about the basics of hacking. The modification of the features of a system is part of what hacking is about. Via technical effort hackers cause manipulation of the standard… Read More

Why your website is hacked?

Most of the sites are hacked, because they were using the vulnerable scripts. You might wonder that, you have been using the same script from last so many years without any problem, now why that was the reason for your site being hacked. You won’t trust this statement, and will blame, on the web hosting… Read More

Trust Seal on Websites

The internet is endorsed to have condensed the world for suppliers and buyers, given them ideal platform to carry out business with each other cost-effectively and proficiently. While this distance has abridged significantly, there still lies a breach in trust. The primary reason is the high value and size of B2B transactions besides insubstantial nature… Read More