1and1 Hosting Package

1and1 Hosting has introduced 1and1 MyWebsite 8 which features with new tools for making online visibility. 1and1 Hosting offers MyWebsite 8 [T1 file=”/home/phphtmlo/linuxhost.net/tables/1and1/1and1_uptime.txt”] For small businesses, online visibility is mission-critical issue. Therefore 1and1 MyWebsite package provides a easy to use, central dashboard called ‘1and1 Online Success Center’. Elements required for online visibility are analyzed and displayed. This guides… Read More

Trends of WordPress designs in Year 2015

Use of WordPress designs has increased focus on HTML5, scrolling, micro UX mobile interfaces and flat user interface. Flash graphics are eliminated by them. Last year user saw minimalism as the most important principle of design continues in 2015. There are some WordPress trends used to design. To eliminate clicking by scrolling: Those sites are… Read More

Searching Best free Website Hosting without Banner Ads

Free Hosting of Web Page Customers are looking generally for free hosting with no interruptions like pop-ups, pop-unders, banners, buttons, headers and footers. With all these customers would like 99.8 percent up-time, access to cgi-bin for scripts, fast servers, PHP and MySQL database, FP extensions and FTP access. There is an excess of free web… Read More

Data Centers Decelerates Output

Technology world is important. If anybody is not on right track it means he is going nowhere. Perfection is required for technology driven spectrum in order to get maximum output and as a technology moderator user need to push all better things to get more things. Data Center Hosting, one of most technology enhancement in… Read More

Features of Joomla hosting

Joomla Hosting is excellent content management system allows to build extended website of desirable capacity and range of applications. Joomla is built on a model view controller web application framework using independently. Some additional features are there: Updated and advanced Joomla platform : User subscribe customized Joomla hosting plan providing extensibility and ease of use.… Read More

Distinction between Cloud Server Hosting and VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server: Server is identical to virtual machine but connected generally with server operating systems, whereas VMs are generally referenced while running desktop OS. A physical server run special software called hypervisor in a standard VPS hosting. Virtual machines are created within single main server by hypervisor and each is isolated with their own… Read More

Support System of Web Hosting

To run websites and its associated components regarding online business web hosting is most important. Vulnerability of web servers is one of most concerning factor for business owners besides all advantages. Web servers are most targeted entities and by many threat web hosting India solution providers suffer from huge loss. Types of Attacks by Web… Read More

Defending Threats in Dedicated Servers

A Dedicated Server would be a big financial investment. It comprises big list of benefits, choice to install OS, user choice that how many websites he wants to host on a machine. Owner is responsible for safeguarding it’s website and ensuring its welfare. In dedicated infrastructure, there are number of maintenance and management issues. Owners… Read More