Tips to help you migrate WordPress from Linux/Unix to Windows Server 2008.

Migrate WordPress from Linux/Unix to Windows Server 2008 Backup files first you have to take backup all your WordPress files and database. There is free plugin “BackWPup”. After installation create backup jobs to backup your files to computer. By cPanel backup wizard, you can backup website home directory and downloads. Backup for mySQL database and… Read More

Use of multiple workspaces on Linux

Multiple Workspaces on Linux Workspace also called virtual desktops or multiple desktops on Linux. By default many Linux desktops have hidden this feature. Very soon, by default windows users will have multiple desktop workspaces and Linux users won’t. A virtual desktop has stand-out features of Linux desktop and it must not lose. Workspace switcher on… Read More

Elgg Hosting

What is Elgg? Elgg is a social networking engine that is open source in nature. It is being successfully used by a number of educational institutions and organizations who have a social network of their own. It is regarded as one of the most robust options available to create an online platform. Many companies have… Read More

Forum Hosting

What is an Online Forum? A forum in terms of the internet pertains to a website where people can discuss about various topics by posting messages and reading comments of all the members of the “Forum”. A Forum can be about anything at all and it can be of any size. The members can be… Read More

vBulletin Hosting

What is vBulletin? vBulletin is a software that can be used to create and maintain an internet or Online Forum. This package which has been written in PHP has been developed by vBulletin Solutions. It was first released in the year 200 and since then it has undergone a number or updates. After going through… Read More

Socialengine Hosting

What is Socialengine? It is basically a tool that helps to build and manage any online community or social website with minimum technical know-how required. Anyone who wants to create an online community or social network can use it for putting together a very vibrant and impressive website with a lot of features. There are… Read More