Everything about ScaleArc iDB

Before we talk about ScaleArc iDB to Boost Performance of WordPress let us get familiar with Scale arc as a company. Introduction to Scale arc Scalre arc is nothing but an expert in the field of developing a software for creating a database infrastructure that simplifies the process of creating environments for databases and their… Read More

Cheap wordpress hosting

Cheap WordPress Hosting Before start with the cheap wordpress hosting service, first of all one should understand. WordPress is a content management system (CMS) used by millions of bloggers all over the world. In fact, it’s the most popular CMS on the web. WordPress can host a network of blogs, if you’re hosting plan offers… Read More

WordPress Plugin for Events

Why use WordPress Plugin for Events Management WordPress Plugin for Events management is widely used now-a-days. It was used primarily for blogging, but these days they are mainly used for event driven website making. It is PHP based framework software that uses MySQL as data base. WordPress Plugin enriches content management system. It helps to… Read More

WordPress Shortcodes

WORK EASY WITH WORDPRESS SHORTCODES WordPress is one of the World’s most popular opensource Content Management System. Shortcodes as the name suggests are short pieces of codes which help the user to perform functions easily. When WordPress Shortcodes was first introduced it was used mainly for blogs, but now it is widely used and finds… Read More

All about zed eCommerce 8.0 for SAP Business with WordPress Integration

Zed eCommerce 8.0 by Zed suite is considered to be a milestone in providing effective ecommerce solutions for the integration of SAP one. This offers one of the most comprehensive solutions. The Zed eCommerce 8.0 has WordPress integration that gives business owners complete control over the content of their websites. This version is priced perfectly… Read More

Managed Word Press hosting

What is Managed Word Press Hosting? Managed Word Press hosting refers to Word Press hosting services that are offered by your web hosting provider whereby your web host takes care of the maintenance needs of your website. With Managed Word Press hosting services, you do not need to worry about maintaining your Word Press website… Read More