Administrator’s role in Linux optimization

Linux Server optimized for Web application development For PHP developers, Linux is most favorite Operating System and most have configured LAMP in their Windows or Mac workstations. They have virtual private web development server in the existing operating system like any other program with collection of common industry software. This server is cheaper, faster and… Read More

Data Security on Shared or Dedicated Hosting

Where the website or data is more secure on shared hosting or dedicated hosting The web hosting company you opt for can be your best ally or your worst foe. The good degree of service along with the technical support and responsiveness that one is offered can make your website reach zenith but you definitely… Read More

Unmanaged Linux hosting

Unmanaged Linux hosting basically refers to Linux hosting whereby the client is in complete control of his server. Here, the client is the one who manages his server. There are quite a number of reasons why a client would prefer to use cheap unmanaged Linux hosting. First of all, it is cheaper; in the sense… Read More

Easy steps to Install Apache httpd on Fedora

Apache web server is renowned open source free of cost software, included many valuable characteristic for various websites, this is used for all in surface of private to professional web pages. Here the steps to setup httpd on fedora in easiest way: Step 1 – Setup httpd: Step 2 – Check Version of Apache: Step… Read More

Cloud Hosting VS. Dedicated Hosting

In Hosting ritual Dedicated web hosting is a service that is used for commercial purpose by clients where they can host multiple websites and increase space and speed for websites. Dedicated Hosting also beneficial for those websites keep Audio / Video and file download services using shared web hosting with limited bandwidth. Initially in hosting business people… Read More

Secured Linux Dedicated Server

What is Dedicated Linux Server? Dedicated Web Server is a fully loyal for clients and their websites- in terms of high traffic, disk space, flexibility to manage software and applications. “Linux Dedicated server” is a “Dedicated Hosting Server” that used Linux Operating System and its features, for Web Hosting. How to Secure Linux Dedicated Server?… Read More

Dedicated Web Hosting Cost

Finally decided to buy Dedicated Server! Why Not? There are many benefits of a dedicated server. However, the keystone to having a dedicated server is, you need it. Surely using dedicated hosting gives you full control over the server. It is not only reliable but also secure. What is important with a view to, is managing it properly. Managing dedicated servers need properly… Read More

Linux Servers VS. Windows Servers

Linux Hosting Server Mainly the two categories of server are used in web hosting and Linux was most popular and still it is most used operating systems in servers. Linux has many benefits like – It is free and support most of scripting languages but usually it does not support ASP and .Net. Windows Server… Read More