Where the website or data is more secure on shared hosting or dedicated hosting

The web hosting company you opt for can be your best ally or your worst foe. The good degree of service along with the technical support and responsiveness that one is offered can make your website reach zenith but you definitely need to opt for the right king of hosting to make your site secure. A dedicated hosting or shared one option comes across as a difficult choice and which option is more secure for your site is a very crucial subject matter. The willingness to share space might be easy and pocket friendly but is it secure or opting for a dedicated web server will safeguard your site against the potential threats. These question need to be answered before you spend the money in your pocket when you go pick up a web hosting service for your site.

Potential threats on the Shared Hosting

Now with shared hosting, the price is definitely saved. The aspects like technology, storage and bandwidth requirements play a major role in determining the value of virtual hosting. Free hosting is also a likely feature in the shared hosting in return for displaying advertisements from the hosting company or with one of the site that you share the IP address with. However with Shared hosting the risks are more, to begin with make sharing web hosting done unknowingly with Spam sites or adult portal can raise a red mark with the search engines. The Spam sites tries to trick the search engines to give them a higher rank but then all these actions can result into ban of the entire IP address from the search engines index. To know more about the kind of sites that the Web hosting company hosts alongside your IP address go through the terms of service page and make sure to ask whether they upload different sites on the same server on a particular IP address.

Next issue on the shared hosting is slow server response that would not only make the sites respond slowly as the server is shared with other sites and the hits will decrease as the site takes a longer time to upload. Now the slow server response not only hurts the site promotion by frustrating visitors but can turn you into bad books of search engines as the pages take time to upload the search engine spiders crawl by and tag you at the back of the pages or disown you for bad services.

The server crashes are more in the web sharing as the hosting company limit the type of the CGI scripts on their servers and the poorly written script can get haywire too soon too quick crashing the whole site in a moment.

Own Your Home With A Dedicated Server

With a dedicated server the security definitely feels to be more. Yes the cost a lot and sometimes are not in favor of the low budget. However, with more costs, more features and benefits come into picture. When you are the only company the Web Hosting provider has to serve the standing line issue ends and no more is the first come first serve tag on. The script running the site is as per your requirement and instructions so the chances of crashing decreases. The site runs faster as the server just needs to run your site with decrease in bounce rates and the visibility on the search engine pages increases. For the server it is easy to set up and handle FTP and SSL encryption as there is a dedicated server for your IP address. The SSL encryption comes in for free which safeguards your content. The bandwidth is allotted with no restrictions as it is assumed that you would need a lot of bandwidth when you opt for a dedicated server.

Keeping all these pointers in mind one needs to opt for a Webhosting Service as the potential threat could not only take away your potential client to your competitors but also degrade you in the search engine ranking. So keep these potential threats in mind before opting for shared or dedicated server.