ArvixeChoosing a hosting plan isn’t a big deal, right? Wrong! When it comes to your website, the right hosting plan can make or break your business. Before you sign any contract or consider any fee, read this!

7 Very Important Things to Consider

1. Price: for many obvious reasons, price comes first. You will pay more for dedicated hosting than shared hosting. There’s no debating that fact. But, dedicated hosting is absolute worth the cost. Now that that’s out of the way, let me just say something really fast and in bold print: cheaper is not better! I know that cheaper looks better, but it’s not. So, choose a plan that fits your budget, but also comes with all the right ingredients.

2. Find one that fits: some web hosting companies don’t do it all, and that’s really okay. You want to choose a hosting company that can grow with your business. If the hosting company that you’re with right now offers great shared hosting but mediocre dedicated hosting, don’t settle.

3. Get the most that you can: ask yourself why one company is better than another. Find out why one company offers lower prices or higher prices. What makes that company stand out? Why do they deserve your money?

4. Email options: I’m guessing that email issues and features didn’t even cross your mind, right? Well, you’ll want a company that provides some kind of email access and solutions to problems like spam. If I were you, I wouldn’t settle for less.

5. Absolute control: there’s no worse idea than choose a hosting company that doesn’t let you have control over your own site. You should have enough control to do basic tasks like changing around some pages or adding copy to a site. If you don’t have any control panel control, you’ll feel that pinch every time you have to call tech support.

6. Free tech support: there are times when you will need professional help. You don’t want to have to pay for that help every single time you need it! Free tech support is worth a higher monthly price.

7. Reviews: make sure that a company has solid reviews before you sign up. All it takes, really, is a quick Google to see whether or not a company is just out for your dollars. If you see a lot of negative reviews, make sure that you proceed with caution. Find out why those reviews exist, and see if you can find a better company. No company is perfect, but some are far worse than others.

Reviews Here

On this site, you will find tons of dedicated hosting reviews. Take your time to read through what we have compiled for you. You’ll soon discover that we take the time to really go through what each company offers, so that you get the best dedicated hosting plan available.

Need some help? Not sure what company to choose? Just ask! Dedicated hosting reviews are what we do!