Rackspace is a managed cloud company, also leader in hybrid cloud and companies are allowed by technical support to strike power of cloud without taking panic of experts hiring in many complex technologies. Company provides each customer best service for its unique requirements, whether it is on single or multi-tenant servers or combination of those platforms. Rackspace is founder of OpenStack which is the open-source operating system for cloud. More than 300,000 business customers are served by Rackspace from data centers on four continents, based in San Antonio.

Rackspace has announced recently dedicated option of ObjectRocket for MongoDB databases. It is a solution used to combine scalability and speed of ObjectRocket purpose-built interface with networking and fully dedicated hardware for cases of compliance-dependent. Customers get help by this solution with security, performance and conformation requirements of high-risk industries like financial services, healthcare and insurance.

MongoDB is built on custom, dedicated architecture can strengthen workloads of database providing full resources utilization for host machines, and a isolation level that demanded by enterprise customers. Customers get advantage of Rackspace experts and Fanatical support, allowing customers to concentrate on their in-house resources on making mission-critical, application which are highly secured rather than managing environments of database.

Applications scale to many MongoDB operations per second provided by Dedicated ObjectRocket during offering higher levels of security as it gives customers a fully dedicated, manged rack of MongoDB. All the features are provided by these offerings on which customers are expected from ObjectRocket like a fully isolated environment, dedicated networking components and encryption at rest. They have team of MongoDB experts staffed 24x7x365 so that customers will be focusing to build their businesses. Fully managed ObjectRocket for MongoDB solution is adopted by thousands of customers due to its enhanced security, automatic scalability, high performance, intelligent automation and high availability. Features of ObjectRocket are included:-

Next-generation applications are developed by enterprises that provide advantage in mobile, social and analytics technologies, to options of open-source database use case must be matched by IT departments. To retain database experts is able to navigate complexities regarding database technologies such as MongoDB, MySQL and Hadoop and fulfill demands of database scalability, availability, security and compliance across many databases. Rackspace help organizations to scale, deploy and secure new applications which are data-driven and analytics platforms.