There are so many web hosting providers available but to find the best and secure ones, various features should be possess by the web hosting providers, which indicate that they are trustworthy, best and safe to use.

Features which make web hosting providers best

Required amount of storage and bandwidth per month

All the web hosts providers offer you certain amount of storage and bandwidth, as per their different plans, but may be you need high storage capacity and high bandwidth for your site to run, so you should go for that Web hosts provider, which offers you the required plan, as per your need and thus web hosts providers which fulfill your need is termed as best.

Provide you required databases and programming languages

Most of the web hosts providers provide you with required databases and programming languages but the best one provide you the same with specific tools and versions you want to use. The setup used by majority of hosts consisting of a Linux or Unix-like operating system, a MySQL database, and a PHP or Perl programming language which is not likely to support Web sites created in ASP or ColdFusion. Thus, before choosing the web hosts provider first check this before you sign up.

Provide you with basic statistics

You should go for that web hosting provider which can provide you online reports about your site, of basic statistics like how many visitors visit your site daily, where they came from, what activity is performed by them on your site, how much time they spend on site etc. This information is quite useful because it will help you to know your customer’s taste, preferences, like, dislike etchant accordingly you can prepare your business strategy.

Upgradeable hosting plan

Best web hosts provider provide you with upgradeable hosting plans so if you move further to your present hosting plan or if your site becomes more complex and you feel that you need more storage, bandwidth, or flexibility, then through this hosting plan, all can be done.

Email accounts

Good web hosts providers provide you with few email accounts, which contain the same, features as your website and by these accounts you can send and receive email through a Web interface or it will allow you to download your messages into Outlook or other standards-based email clients. The best provider will provide you best quality in terms of virus and spam protection and in Web-based email administration tools.

Best Customer service

Customer service is one of the most important features, which keeps trust of the customers in the company. If customer is not satisfied with your service or facing problems again and again, then it is possible that he or she will not use your service in present/ future and you may loose your customers, which affect your business also. Thus your customer service should be best, so that customers always retain with you.

Features which make web hosting providers secure

Hard and tuff policies and procedures

Good and secure web hosting companies have very strict policies and procedures by which they can check each and every new client identity before activating them as well as their sites on each server so that no nasty code has been uploaded on the site.


Firewall is provided by mainly those web host companies which takes care of your security as firewall provide safety to the server and sites hosted on the server from all types of threats which come from outside the network.

Secure POP3

Web hosting company which provide POP3 is consider secure as it ensures safety to your mails and passwords from hackers and frauds.


Web hosting company offer antivirus and protect the data by cleaning out potential problem emails which otherwise affected by viruses, Trojans, worms and other harmful segments.


SSL is another security feature which should be provided by web hosting provider for websites to ensure safety to the most sensitive information of customers like credit card information, personal addresses, emails etc.

Secure control panels

Top most secure web hosting providers provide secure control panels like cPanel or Plesk.

Good data center

A good reputable web hosting company has a reliable data center. It backs up all data to a remote server on regular basis and contains primary backup solutions, cheap telecommunications infrastructure, advanced security technologies and other features, which make the provider best and secure.