Magento is rich- open source, scalable for growing and large businesses to keep adding tools to your online store. Magneto crystallizes the best practices of online channels for conducting more traffic for e-commerce store and helps you to convert visitors into merchandisers. Organizations get expansions in e-commerce/ online revenue.

After integrating studies and analysis of e-commerce software we suggest magneto as a feather in one’s cap. Stand out from the crowd with the commerce solution tailored to fit your needs.

Here is a head-to-head comparison between Magento and other platforms:

Magento Vs Prestashop Platforms

First question will arise in your minds that what will be the installation and setup process for both platforms. Magneto has handed on two version Magneto Go and Magento Enterprise edition. The installation is depending on the selection and Magneto go is more simpler than magneto enterprise edition. On contradiction form PrestaShop does not give hosted solutions but gives support for store and depend which host you pick for e-commerce website. With one click installation it becomes simpler.

If you look at social site sentiments then Magento kills PrestaShop in the Twitter with three times as it has more followers. Magneto is searched more on Google than Prestashop. Magento comes with full control customization and more out-of-the-box features.

Magento Vs OpenCart

when you are creating an e-commerce site, clients will ask you which e-commerce platform full fill your enterprise needs.

Magento and OpenCart have some similar advantage and feature like both are open source ecommerce platform, have developer communities and have developed in PHP. But everyone has some contradict factors so here we are taking another comparison with Magento and OpenCart.

Magneto’ Go edition offers a free hosting service for your shopping cart on other hand Opencart requires you to host your Ecommerce store.

One more consideration that how much it will cost to you to migrate your cart. Magento offers a free 30 days trial and there after so many features of pricing which depends on how many products you have. Whereas Opencart requires you to host your e-commerce store. Opencart is perfect for beginners and small online stores but contain less customization to run multiple stores. Magento is also designed to grow with your business offering better features than Opencart.

When comparing features of Magento versus OpenCart, there is lots of point that Magento has to be overcome winner. Magento was claimed over 29% on the market term in 2013 whereas 3% for opencart. Magento comes with customization feature in terms of layout and design whereas OpenCart is fairly limited. Magento allows almost complete control of SEO settings for your store. The SEO options offered by OpenCart are extremely limited.

Magento is leading its way

By this article we come to this conclusion that with Magento, you can get a professional system for online retailing. The place in where other e-commerce platform falls short is exactly where Magento continues to provide benefits. You can take your enterprise to a higher level with Magento and you gain many great SEO resources from the system.

Magento offers flexible, scalable e-commerce solutions for e-commerce website. Inmotionhosting offers Magento 1.6 installation guide with easy installation, so get your store up.
By few basic steps you can set up your Magento in few seconds. Users need to know about how to optimize your Magento web store.

Merging javascript Files in Magento 1.6

merging javascript file is difficult to troubleshoot when shopping cart is in development phase. By default there no need to merge the file, it is accomplished in Magento 1.6 Admin Backend.

How to Merge CSS Files in Magento 1.6

CSS files merges with Magento shopping cart. This will enhance your web page load speed. Loading one CSS file can reduces the number of HTTP requests to server and help resource usage.

Compiling Magento 1.6 to improve performance

By default has a compilation tool. The compilation tool allows you to compile all the files in the Magento 1.6 installation to create a single include path.

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