What is Socialengine?

It is basically a tool that helps to build and manage any online community or social website with minimum technical know-how required. Anyone who wants to create an online community or social network can use it for putting together a very vibrant and impressive website with a lot of features. There are no specific coding skills required to use Socialengine. This web application can be installed easily on your server. It gives you the advantage of having complete ownership of the content of your website and also the data related to its users. You may be interested in having features similar to Twitter style following or Facebook style friendship. It can all be easily created using Socialengine. It has abundant add-ons and themes available. You can have a customized layout for your online community making it look professional and still have the element of entertainment and manage it efficiently.

Who can use Socialengine software for their online community?

The answer would be anyone at all who is interested in having a community of people who share a common passion and wants it to grow and evolve online. You may be making it for a few users (may be just family) or you might be targeting a really large number of members, Socialengine can be used in both the cases for successful creation and maintenance of an online network/community.

Socialengine Hosting

There are thousands of websites today that are using Socialengine Hosting and are benefiting from its features while running their online community or forum. If you decide to opt for it too, there are any number of reliable and professional web hosts which would be ready to render you affordable Socialengine Hosting. It normally is a very quick process and does not require much time to get installed and get started. With a single click installation you can get your Socialengine Website online in a matter of few minutes. Socialengine Hosting provides one with a solution loaded with lots of beneficial features. Some of them are as follows:

  • There is no need for you to brand your community and can be unique to you, just as you are!
  • You get the advantage of keeping your content and you can move your community as and when required.
  • It is easy to squeeze in your own customized features as the source code is completely unencrypted.
  • It helps you to generate a unique community for yourself by having a unique style to it and having many frameworks to pick one from.
  • You can further detail out your community by having sub-communities.
  • The content of your website can be beautifully arranged and freshend up every now and then with the help of visual drag and drop CMS. You can have as many widgets as required on your web pages to liven it up.
  • You can have moderators for your website and ensure that unwanted content stays away from your website.
  • Socialengine PHP community is huge and there are any number of members who are always keen to help out anybody with really innovative and helpful suggestions. Its like a mega bank of themes and plug-inns too!

Socialengine Hosting will help you to create a niche social network which looks and feels vibrant and is definitely more immersive. It is because of its versatility that Socialengine Hosting has a number of big brands using it like MasterCard, Shell, Apple, NASA for their various online customer communities. Socialengine Cloud Hosting goes a step beyond and gives that extra edge to any community that is required for making it much more powerful and preferred. Socialengine Hosting is the way to go for anybody who is into building an online community or a forum that pursues a passion!