In today’s world, technology plays an important role in the life of everyone, we all are used to it and if due to some reason if we don’t get it then it affect our lives. Computer devices, mobile phones, tablets, smart phones and other tech devices are very important for all of us; we are in the habit of using them on excess basis. There are so many people who even start their day with these tech devices, used them for the whole day and their day ends also with these devices.

From the above, we can understand the importance of these tech devices and importance of technology as it affect our lives excessively. So, here presents three software companies who provide services that keep businesses, financial markets, investors and even IT systems going and in return all these companies get paid well for their services. These software companies gain high importance as they will not let you live even for a second without these devices.

Among the three companies, first is Technology One Limited (ASX: TNE) which is a software company as well as a consultancy service for business, government and financial services. From the last 10 years, it was seen that company’s revenue is increased and there was 14.4 percent average annual compound growth of NPAT and on the basis of this, it can be said that the company has been steadily growing its business.

Finance, retail, HR, supply chain and performance management are the different aspects of business and organization and for each of them the company has designed their connected intelligence software platform. The company is having another platform Ci2 which is browser based and it is designed in order to use the smart phones which allow the customers to go for it. The company said that it will be released in this year 2014 only and due to this company will get the good business at it will attract new customers and retain existing ones while offering broad range of services.

From last 1 year, its share price has increased about 53 percent, it has a 26.4 PE and sports a 30.7% ROE. It is generating good cash flow which allows it to spend them on research and development (R&D), yet maintain a very low gross gearing.

Second one is Iress Ltd (ASX: IRE) which operates two main divisions, one division is meant for financial markets in which it offers trading, order management, information and portfolio systems. The other division is meant for offering wealth management and financial planning software, such as XPLAN platform, mainly used by wealth managers and investment businesses.

From last five years, the total shareholder return has been an average 18.4% annually. Its half year report said that the group has generated the profit of $17.8 million, or 8.9% down from the previous period.

The announcement has been made in the month of September, that it was purchasing Avelo Financial Services, a leading technology company meant for wealth management and investing, based at UK. In their announcement, it was also announced that around 95 percent of the top financial advisors of UK and corporate advisors use Avelo and it has 32,000 registered users.

Last one is Integrated Research Limited (ASX: IRI) who achieved an 18.6 percent net profit margin in last year and generate $49.4 million revenue with a high ROE of 30.2 percent and zero debt. Over the past five years, its total shareholder return was an average annual 49.2%.

The company is having various products and their main one is Prognosis, which monitors and manages critical IT infrastructure, payments and communications. It also completes financial management for ATM, POS, phone and internet banking transaction applications.

Its share price has increased from $0.50 to about $1.50 over the 12 months to January 2013. After this it goes down when the share price jumped after the announcement that it anticipated its half-year profit after tax would be in the range of $4.4 million to $4.8 million, much higher than the $2.8 million of the previous corresponding period.