Disadvantages: Windows Hosting Over Linux Hosting

There seems to be a lot of technological advancements in the hosting services and that helped finding out a lot of Disadvantages of windows hosting over Linux hosting. After Linux hosting came into the market, there has been a change in the marketing sectors. Linux and Windows are both operating systems that are used by… Read More

Why choose Linux hosting

Whenever there is a discussion on website hosting, mostly it is seen that people are opting for Linux. There are several reasons behind choosing Linux hosting for your website. No cost is associated with most versions of Linux, because it is an open source. Thus, Linux is the good choice for cheap dedicated severs. Services… Read More

Linux beats windows in servers

Linux always beats windows in servers being it dedicated servers, vps or cloud servers Without doubt, we can say that Linux is better suited to servers whether it is dedicated servers, virtual private server or cloud servers than Windows…Why…See the ways. Stability : In terms of stability, Linux has the ability to run for several… Read More