There seems to be a lot of technological advancements in the hosting services and that helped finding out a lot of Disadvantages of windows hosting over Linux hosting. After Linux hosting came into the market, there has been a change in the marketing sectors. Linux and Windows are both operating systems that are used by the servers. However there lie a good number of differences between the two hosting systems.

For choosing the right hosting the users first look at the Disadvantages of windows hosting over Linux hosting. The first thing is that for the increasing popularity of the Linux hosting, the availability of the Windows hosting in the market has been very low. As a result the user will find it difficult to find the windows hosting system with all the features as per his requirement.

Then there is also the issue about the cost. The price for Linux hosting is much lesser than the Windows hosting. As Linux is a free open source system, therefore there is no licensing fee that the web hosting service providers need to pay for using Linux. So they lower their prices for Linux. The price difference is another big factor in the preference that Linux is gaining now. Besides, there are many features in the Linux that are as same as the Windows.

Whether in the question of performance, speed, or in the issue of stability and security issues, both Linux and Windows performs the same. So there lays the question from the part of the buyers, why would I spend more on the Windows when I am getting the same things from the Linux?

Presently, there are a lot of websites that are designed to be operated by Linux. Windows hosting cannot operate these sites. On the other hand, through the Linux operating system the user can operate any website that he may please to. This added advantage becomes another cause of the many Disadvantages of windows hosting over Linux hosting.

The Linux operating system has been in the market for more than forty years, whereas the Windows has been in the market for about ten years. The Linux operating system had been launched in different flavors starting from the Unix operating systems. The Unix operating system has been popular for its stability and robust format. On the other hands, the Windows operating system has much lesser user base. It has not earned so much reliability in the recent years as Linux did. This is another of the Disadvantages of windows hosting over Linux hosting in the marketing field.

Windows is, as known to all now, a commercial product. With years to come it might compete with Linux with much more alterations and technical changes. But presently Linux is outnumbering Windows in respect of the number of users. This has been

possible as the users have found that the kind of web site service they require in less prices, they can get by using Linux. The inability to reach this kind of performance has made the Disadvantages of windows hosting over Linux hosting.